Boogie Wipes are my home boys

We’ve been sick this weekend.

Leighton has been coughing until she throws up–fretful and tired. I’ve spent three days changing her clothes and rocking her…holding her tiny body while she catches bits of fitful sleep. Her nose is running non stop and the drainage is making her sick.   I feel like I should own stock in Boogie Wipes at this point. What a crazy couple of days!

I’m running on solid caffeine. I’ve caught a milder version of her cold…but still bad enough to drive Jeremy out of the house on Friday night at 3am to buy the one an only cough medicine that I am allowed to have and still nurse. I told him that I thought we had some in the pantry (we did.) But I guess at that time of night no one is firing on all cylinders.

Fortunately, Morgan and Jeremy are still doing great! Jeremy got Father of the Year award for cancelling plans to go skiing with a friend and taking Morgan to a birthday party on Saturday. J hates Chuck E Cheese with a passion…so I’ve got to give him props. I actually enjoy going…but Leighton bug wasn’t up to it.

My girl has been refusing all baby food and is wall to wall fuss. She is sitting on the floor in a stupor with her big brother watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Morgan just brought her a fresh boogie wipe post sneeze. She’s been such a cry baby about kleenex on her chapped nose that we’ve taken pity on her. The saline in the wipes helps take the crusties off without irritating her skin.

He’s such a little care giver! What would I do without my sweet boy?!?

on a happier (healthier) day!


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2 responses to “Boogie Wipes are my home boys

  1. Oh no! 😦 What more can I say than I’m sending you big hugs and get-well wishes! Sounds so miserable…

  2. Sickness is no fun. You know I feel your pain! Hope Leighton is feeling better!

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