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Stroller Update

I’m loving the double BOB stroller that we chose!

I guess that folding and stowing sucks for pretty much any double….but it’s worth the hassle to be able to haul both kids at once. The independent reclining seats allow Leighton to nap while Morgan sees the world and the individual sun shades accommodate everyone’s preference as well. The stroller is super easy to push–I’ve started to jog a bit and would probably be running normally except for the fact that I live on the side of a mountain and even an easy to push stroller is insanely hard to schlep up huge hills.

Right now, I power walk up and jog down. The speed forces me to pull back on the handle a bit and I have sore triceps. I hope this will lead to some wickedly toned arms as that is just another thing to go down hill in my old age.

The only thumbs down that I have to give is that the BOB is still too wide to push through any single doorway in my house. I have to fold it to bring it inside and set the kids up in the garage or the front walk.

Here’s a photo of the our first outing. We used our Snuzzler to give Leighton a bit more support. She falls asleep almost every time that we walk. Morgan is just pretending for the camera! (and yes…he did insist on going for our walk in his jammies. He would spend his life in pajamas if we let him!)



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Double Stroller Search

Now that Leighton is nearing 6 months and our days with the infant seat and stroller base are becoming limited, it’s time for us to face the fact that we REALLY need a double stroller. I will be honest–my indecision has been painful and the process has been long–but we hopefully have a match.

I put it off for so long because the kids are 3 years apart and I wondered if Morgan would be one of those toddlers who simply doesn’t enjoy being in a stroller.

I put it off even longer because of the price on a good quality double stroller. (yikes!) I did tons of research and read thousands of reviews. I thought about our daily life and our evening walks and contemplated how in the world I would survive if Jeremy truly does get deployed in the next year. That thought alone sealed the deal: I needed a double stroller to strap those little people into a fixed position to get out of the house and keep my sanity. Our current routine of one parent one stroller just wouldn’t work with me functioning as a single parent for months on end.

What did I want?

QUALITY: I cannot believe how many reviews that I had read where moms confessed to owning 4+ strollers. One for jogging, one for the car, singles, doubles, infant sets….nope. If we were going to become a double stroller family then the stroller would need to meet our needs and avoid the whole multi stroller fiasco. One stroller for ALL!

Versatility: I wanted an all terrain/fitness stroller that would hold up to trips to the beach, hikes through the desert, trips to the zoo/park, and mall if need be.  With Morgan we got by with an umbrella stroller with tiny wheels (a 25 lb three year old is portable, yo!) but this year we tackled the pumpkin patch and it almost killed us when there wasn’t a wagon to be found. Carrying two kids, a diaper bag, and of course, a pumpkin…was totally overwhelming. I might also add that our perfect pumpkin was stolen when we set it on the ground to play a game and then walked off without it. For the sake of pumpkins (and our sanity) we need an all terrain stroller with pumpkin (cough) cargo space!

Powerful Sun Shade: I live in the scorching desert.   Summer is hell, ya’ll. I cannot take my babies for a walk without 100% protection from the fire breathing inferno that is our day to day environment 8+ months out of the year.

Dual Adjustable Seats: In short? Newborn and three year old. One has to be able to recline and nap while the other sits up and sees the world.

Fitness Capability: Mama needs her exercise….and our evenings with Daddy are special. I hate to pass off the kids and dash out the door when the guy makes it home.  Plus, at this point in our kid’s lives it takes two of us to juggle little people and get dinner ready. It also takes two of us to survive bath and bed time…after that, who has the energy or will power to go work out???

The contenders?

Bob Revolution Duallie –least expensive of the three, side by side seats, large 12″ wheels–but zip in the area of included accessories. The mind boggles at the cost of a sun shield, cup holder, and infant cushioned seat insert. Still, this seems to be the stroller of choice in the outdoorsy set and I immediately have visions of self tackling trails in something of the REI persuasion with my two littles happily enjoying the view behind the largest sun shield EVER.

Bumbleride Indie Twin: Loaded with options–cup holder, sun shield, included infant car seat adaptor. Side by side seats and a scary price. Not sure if it is rugged enough for the desert environment and some critics say the sun shield is wimpy. Comes in great colors and is “Oh so pretty”

Phil and Ted’s Vibe 2: Saw this beauty in action over the weekend with the additional double seat and was psyched to see a single size stroller that carried two kids “piggy back style”.  Also very expensive but looked like I could strip off the second seat whenever Morgan wasn’t along for the ride. Con: 2nd seat had a 33lb weight limit while the other strollers were able to carry 50 in each seat. Given that Leighton will likely surpass 33 lbs before Morgan– is it fair to have him in the little guy seat??  In addition–would need to add 100.00 second seat to the cost of a 700.00 stroller and would still need to buy the optional sun shield. REALLY?? Perhaps if I had done this in stages over time it would have seemed ok…but all at once seemed like it might give J a heart attack when the credit card bill arrived.

In the end, we chose the Bob and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival in time for the weekend. It all came down to the fantastic sun shield. The others were definitely sexier…but I have to be practical. I did buy the $1.00 return policy that guarantees us free shipping returns if I’m not loving it after it arrives!


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