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My beautiful Boy

We’ve been dealing with some awful 2 yo tantrums in this house over the past few weeks…but this morning was the soothing time that I desperately needed with our little guy.

Morgan called to me over the monitor at 6:15 am–“Mommy where are you?” I have explained the little device under his bed and that mommy can hear when he needs me. It is so cute to me that he chooses to use that rather than get out of bed and roam on his own when he wakes up.  I went in to get him and his pillow and his two blankies (all very important if I want an extra half hour of sleep!) and bundled him into the bed with me.

His tiny hand reached for mine and he said “I love you, Mommy”.

We slept a bit longer with him crawling into the snoogle body pillow with me. He loves that and so do I! It’s like our own little nest. I call him my baby bird and he says “Peep Peep” and cuddles closer.

At 7am, we got up and made smoothies and peanut butter toast. Morgan thinks his smoothie is ice cream and that it is deliciously naughty have this treat for breakfast. He cracks me up the way he looks at me like we are sneaking something wonderful as we sip. I love the little fruit mustache and peanut butter grin!

We received a new book last night– “Waiting for Baby” by Rachel Fuller. It is a very simple board book for littles about to become a big brother or big sister. It drew my attention because the child in the book had a different skin tone than Mommy and Daddy and reminded me a bit of the way we look as a family. 

The words are very simple–covering different aspects of the wait such as doctor’s visits, helping Daddy make dinner while Mommy rests (HA! Jeremy loved that one!) decorating the nursery and buying clothes and toys, and staying with Nana or a friend while Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to have the baby. We’ve started to talk about Morgan staying with a family friend or with Nana and I want him to be as prepared as possible. He seemed to really enjoy the book and made some very intuitive comments.

I worry that a lot of the tantrums and insecurities of late stem from the changes happening. If anyone has advice on preparing the little guy for being a big brother I would welcome them!

As for the tantrums–I was so desperate yesterday that I googled for a solution. What I found really helped me cope. It all started over a banana (really) and escalated quickly to a nightmare.

  1. Remove child to a quiet place where they cannot harm themselves.
  2. Do not attempt to rationalize or allow your own temper to escalate. Children in the throws of a full blown tantrum are beyond reason.
  3. Do not attempt to hold a combative child or you can be hurt in the process (yep.)
  4. Allow them to calm down and then speak quietly–redirect them if possible

Morgan raged in his crib, throwing stuffed animals and blankets for a good ten minutes. Then he called for me and said he was ready to get out. I took him to the potty, gave him a drink of water and rewarded the potty trip with a sticker and an M&M. It felt so much better than being kicked/slapped while in the throes of his anger.  We were able to move on!


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