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I had my amnio on Tuesday and it was such a relief to get it over with and behind me.  I get so nervous about things like this! I have to say, speaking only for myself, that the experience was much worse in my mind than in reality.

We decided to have the procedure done because MTHFR can be linked to several birth defects and I am also what is known as “Advanced Maternal Age” bah! Amniocentesis carries a miscarriage risk of about 1 in 600 but rules out some of the fatal/more serious fetal anomolies.  We decided to go ahead with it because we wanted as much health information about this baby as possible…I know many people who don’t choose to do it and I think it is a very personal decision.

We should have the results in 3 weeks.  I have been so fortunate to have my mom here for a few days while I rest and recover. She has been amazing with Morgan and helping me keep the house from falling apart.

I did find out that I have been drinking less than a 3rd of the fluid required during pregnancy. I am supposed to take in 96 oz of water/caffeine free beverages per day! This helps alleviate cramping in the uterus associated with dehydration which could lead to early labor if severe enough. I had been experiencing cramping and when I asked my doctor about it…she immediately asked about my fluid intake. WOW.

So I dusted off the water bottle and have been drinking five twenty oz bottles for the past two days. Cramping is gone! But seriously…that’s a lot of water.


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