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Sometimes laughing at yourself is all you can do…

I get reality checks all of the time. People with more kids, more problems…more ANYTHING that reminds me that when I feel like I am struggling to keep it all together there is always someone else conquering a much bigger challenge.

Last week, I was terrified to take my newborn out of the house and drop my son off at school while toting a carseat…such a silly thing to worry about when women do this every single day!  I stress over little things like how to shop for groceries while toting the same newborn or what I will do if the baby CRIES in public.

I remember having these fears with Morgan, but it was sink or swim those first weeks while we were living in the hotel in Vietnam. We had no choice but to get out there and do stuff, even if it meant taking the baby without a carseat on a taxi ride to get there! Trial by fire always seems to be the way things work…it was either that or live on room service and miss seeing the incredible city of Hanoi.

Little by little mothering becomes easier. I’ve conquered my fear of public breastfeeding (my coordination has improved and I am no longer flashing hapless bystanders!) and I am learning to juggle a toddler and a baby a bit better each day.

Morgan has been a dream–even though he’s regressed a bit on potty training and had some epic near 3 year old tantrums. He loves his little sister and gives her kisses, replaces her binky when it’s lost, and generally tries to help in any way that he can. A few nights ago he placed his treasured “airplane blankie” over Leighton’s little bare legs and told me that baby was “cold”. I almost held my breath, knowing how attached he is to that blanket and I could see the little wheels turning in his head after he did it…part duty to his little sister’s chilly legs and part worry about his security blanket.  He finally resolved the issue by picking up a lesser loved blanket and telling me that “Leighton likes this one” and gently replaced it. I hugged him and told him that his airplane blanket was special and that Leighton definitely liked the other choice better 🙂 

I am still woefully sleep deprived. Leighton was up every hour-2 hours last night. This bit of magic seems to occur every few days and it really throws us for a loop. I try to get up quickly and let Jeremy sleep because our routine on the weekends is that he gets up with Morgan around 7am and I get a few extra hours of sleep then.

Leighton is rarely a “sure thing” on schedules…but she does seem to consistently be asleep from 7-9:30 am. During the week it allows me to get Morgan to school and run a quick errand and on the weekend it allows me to catch some zzzz’s.

Next week I have my 6 week follow-up with the ob after delivery. I am hoping to be cleared for exercise and able to return to the pool. I feel like a wad of chewed bubble gum. All but 3 lbs of the baby weight is gone, but I had an extra 10 coming in to the pregnancy that I was determined to lose. It will take a while for my stomach to return to normal size…but overall I am not unhappy. Nursing burns a ton of calories and I have been eating lots of cookies now that gestational diabetes is not an issue!

I have one week left of the lovenox injections and then will likely be on baby aspirin and folate for the rest of my life. There is so little conclusive research on the MTHFR gene mutation–but I have seen two relatives hospitalized for blood clots this past year and I don’t want to take chances. I need to be proactive and be healthy for my family!



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Sleepy sleepy

I’m pretty tired right now. I think for the first week after Leighton’s birth, I was on some sort of Mommy high…popping out of bed in the middle of the night for feedings like a manic jack in the box. Now, she and I are so in tune that I wake about 5 minutes before she does and seem to just “know” when my baby is hungry.

We’ve got a good routine so far. I love that from 5-6am, Leighton and I have “our time” and that Morgan wakes shortly after she is fast asleep again and tip toes into my room to crawl into bed and snuggle with Mama. He and I enjoy another hour of peaceful togetherness before I take my littles into the kitchen to begin making breakfast and start our day.

Morgan went back to school for the first time since Leighton’s birth this morning. We did half a day because he has been telling me for four days in a row ” I go to school. I miss my friends”.   He loves having his grandmothers here and now his Aunt Maggie is here too–but nothing replaces his little buds at school and some quality time with his peeps. He came home at noon covered in lunch and playground dust…happy as a little clam and is now out in the pool with Maggie and Nana. I love it!

As for me, I am napping when I can and hanging in there. I am still very grateful to have plenty of help and support while things are so centered around the newborn feeding schedule.

My beautiful babies.


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If possible, I think that baby has dropped even more in preparation for the big day.  I am now in full waddle!  I had my final ob appt before the induction and she confirmed that I was measuring 2 weeks less than the previous week. Weight gain seems to have stopped at 24 lbs–I had made it to 25 (my personal goal) but lost a pound and a half over the past week.

My Gestational Diabetes seems well controlled as long as I stay away from raisin bran and rice 🙂 I miss cereal like crazy and my body seems to have responded to the loss of my best source of iron by quickly making me anemic in the last few weeks.

I’ve gotten my blood drawn 3x in 2 weeks and platelets checked to see how I am adjusting to the Heparin shots. So far so good except for the ridiculous stinging and welts that accompany the shots. OuCH!!!

Morgan’s daycare teachers took one look at me this morning and proclaimed that “Today is the Day”. I might have been inclined to believe them while I was contracting in the grocery store this morning…but I am still hoping to make it to our scheduled induction day. My mother will never forgive me if she isn’t here…and I will feel much better if it doesn’t happen in the next few days because my workaholic husband has as usual tried to schedule as much as possible before he takes some time off.

My little Mo is feeling good and his attitude has been so cute! He told me this morning that he “loves babies” as he peered into a little infant carrier this morning at school. I sang to him for a long time last night and tried to tell him how very much I love him. I just hope he adjusts well when the new baby arrives. His happiness is foremost in my mind right now. Keep us in your thoughts!


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Ta Da! We now have Pink Eye

I swear….the hits just keep coming.

After getting over last week’s virus, Morgan woke up this morning with green boogies sewing one of his eyes shut.  Joy!

I feel so sorry for my little man. He’s had a horrendous couple of weeks with the fever from hell and now this.  I know that daycare can at times be a cess pit for germs…but honestly the timing sort of stinks.

Jeremy is working tomorrow and I have 2 doctors appts. I  missed my ob appt last week because Morgan was sick then as well, so I am going to have to haul him to the hospital and hope against hope that Daddy can keep him occupied while I am hooked up to the monitors because they do not allow children in the diagnostics clinic.

My ob is a bit more flexible…but it still isn’t fun to take your nearly 3 year old to your appointments!  However, at only 2 weeks left to go,  I doubt that these appointments are optional. 

I’ve been controlling my blood sugar much better than in the first week–I think 3 weeks is pretty good for a learning curve! Mornings are still rough as I am still getting sick and don’t always want protein first thing in the morning.

I will post some of my successful meals since I’ve been getting a lot of hits on Gestational Diabetes.

  • Egg Beaters scrambled with 1 slice cheddar cheese and 1 pc toast.
  • English muffin (whole grain) with egg beaters/cheese and 1/2 c fruit
  • Ezeikiel Bread (sprouted grain bread with high fiber) with peanut butter

Ask me what I am craving these days?? A big honking 5 oz bakery bagel slathered in cream cheese….. or a stack of pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup…..oh why do we always want what we cannot have  😉

Lunch and Dinner are much easier for me– some sort of lean protein with veggies and the occasional carb (1/2 to 1 cup serving).  I miss waffle fries at Chik Filet like you would not believe!  But have sort of  found my replacement in broiled zucchini spears dipped in blue cheese dressing.  YES, I know that Blue Cheese is on the no-no list but have you ever heard of a woman beating her head against a rock screaming “If only I’d avoided the blue cheese!!”

BTW–I have to say that I am proud of Jeremy for adhering to Meatless Monday even while at the hospital this week! He told me that he ate butternut squash ravioli and I might have had a tear in my eye. That’s MY MAN!

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Meatless Monday– Food and Wine’s Farfalle with Spring Vegetables

You can find the recipe here.

This was a surprising winner for our family’s Meatless Monday Challenge. I couldn’t face another black bean and Jeremy is a wee bit picky–but this recipe with it’s crunchy bread crumb topping won us over. 

I made a few modifications to simplify and save on time– using panko for the fresh white bread crumbs and adding 2 tbs melted smart balance for the buttery flavor. I used dried tarragon because I didn’t have fresh (just substitute 1/2 the amount called for). I also left out the peas (a bit sugary for me) and used barilla plus pasta for added protein and fiber.

The results were still incredible enough for Jeremy to eat three bowls and my blood sugar was EXCELLENT!

***Updated:  DUDE–just when I was feeling ok about pregnancy and how I look at 36 weeks….Claudia Schiffer comes along!

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Potty training and nausea…the next “peas and carrots?”

If you saw my sad comment on FB this morning…it’s been a doozy so far.

Morgan has been waking up bright and early at 6:15 or 6:30 ever since Daylight savings time ruined my mornings. All of that bright natural light that we love in our home makes sleeping in impossible! I used to actually BE a morning person…until parenting and pregnancy turned me into a hot mess that would prefer 9am to 6am any day.

We had our 15 minutes of snuggle time and then made some pancakes (frozen) topped with maple syrup and peanut butter for the little guy and a turkey sausage muffin for diabetic mama. I noted that my decaf/sugar free general foods coffee only had 2 carbs so I brewed a cup (also in the microwave).

Know what? I am not even ashamed of my lack of domesticity at this point! I went from making blueberry pancakes with wheat germ from scratch for my son to a sad shell of a 35 weeks pg lady that can feel accomplished when the microwave goes “Bing!”

Breakfast came right back…not sure if I can blame the coffee or the Jimmy Dean Delights. I cannot face any more of the cardboard toast that I was eating last week so I keep trying to find something that I can keep down that won’t raise my blood sugar sky high.  Guess this one wasn’t it.

I had to stick myself 4 times this morning just to get enough blood for a reading. It seemed to be a combination of my own weenie self using the #2 setting on  the lancet and the lack of circulating blood in my fingers.  Finally, I switched to the # 3 setting which is typically too strong and makes me bleed like crazy.  It worked.  Did I mention that I have only been testing for 3 weeks and I already have dry scaly fingers from alcohol wipes and little bruises? My hat is OFF to anyone who does this daily for most of their lives.

Meanwhile, Morgan finishes his pancakes and side of fresh blueberries and we head to the potty. Number 1 is accomplished while checking out a new book that Daddy got him yesterday–Richard Scarry’s best word book EVER. Morgan is obsessed with the pages on AIRPLANES and TRAINS and will spend the entire reading session on the double page spreads for either of these topics.  J was so excited about the book last night (it was his favorite as a child) but he sort of behaved like a 2 year old himself when Morgan wouldn’t look at all of the other “cool topics” covered 🙂 They crack me up when they agitate each other!

After potty time was accomplished, we discussed that if NUMBER 2 were going to occur (hypothetically of course) that it should happen IN THE POTTY and not in Morgan’s pants. “Ok Mama”. I was lazily dismissed while he watched Diego and I went to change clothes for the trip to preschool.

Not two freaking minutes later (leading me to believe that there was in fact a NUMBER 2 in PROGRESS when said toddler sweared he would make it on the potty) Morgan came into the bathroom where I was changing and said “I pooped in pants, Mama”.   NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!OOOOOO!!!!!

There it was–nestled in his brand new Superman undies–basically gift wrapped for mom. I prayed for strength and thanked the powers that be that I had  not attempted my usual Hobbit style “Second Breakfast” after throwing up the first one.  Fortunately, it was extractable without compromising the Superman undies forever! J’s style has evolved to a scissor removal of the big boy underpants and disposal of the entire mess. Quick, efficient…relatively painless unless you are the woman scouting around Kohl’s for 2T boy’s toddler underwear.  Small drawers are as rare as a diamond for some reason. You just might see my son wearing Dora or 6x big boy undies because all of the small sizes are sold out!

So here I am…kiddo at school, poopy pants swirling in the hottest wash possible…enjoying “Second Breakfast”.

Happy Day to YOU!


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Meatless Monday: Southern Living’s Black Beans and Coconut Lime Rice

We made this tonight from the May issue of Southern Living! (click on link for full recipe)

This recipe for spicy black beans and delicious coconut lime rice was an instant hit with Jeremy but Morgan stuck to the fresh blueberries and cucumbers with ranch on his plate this evening. I think that he was full from downing a handful of crackers after returning home from a a playdate, though.

The rice with toasted coconut flakes and fresh lime zest and juice really made this recipe unique for someone like me who has a million recipes for “black beans and rice”.  To make it truly veg friendly, substitute lite coconut milk for chicken broth!

Note: it wasn’t blood sugar friendly–but that is likely because I had a huge portion of it rather than having a half portion with a fiber rich salad as I knew that I should have. boo!  The sweetened flaked coconut in the rice was just addictive. I am glad Jeremy is happily packing the leftovers for work tomorrow so that Iwon’t be tempted to over indulge again!

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