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3 More days and 4 more shots….

I’ve actually been too tired to nest these past few days…which is probably a relief for Jeremy and Morgan 🙂

My husband is incredible! He’s gotten up with the Mo-man 2 days in a row so that I can sleep in (until 10am!) and he’s been home to give me my Heparin shots which hurt SO much less when he does them for some reason. I think it has to do with the fact that I am still so chicken to hub the needle and do it so slowly that the pain is just drawn out, where he just gives it an expert jab and it’s over.

Both of my hips are black and blue–we’ve run out of excess skin in the belly area and have to put them in my hips and thighs. Guess excess skin will not be an issue when I do my 6 weeks of Lovenox after the birth….I’m imagining my tummy will look like chewed bubble gum 🙂

We installed the car seat today–which still seems presumptuous to me after losing our first baby. I am trying to go with it and have faith that everything will be ok. I just know from my online support group that bad things happen, even at the end and I am staying a bit guarded.  I do appreciate all of my friends who have patiently listened to my fears without judgement and not tried to get Mary Sunshine on me.   We’ve made it this far and things are looking good for us. We just need to hold on to that and BELIEVE that the best is in store for us.

J’s grandfather made his Sunday call today to wish us well. He’s an absolute doll and I love it when I get a chance to hear his happy voice on the phone. I think he’s 97 years old and could not be more adorable if he tried.  He’s looking forward to the arrival of his third great grandchild and I can’t wait for them to meet.  I treasure a picture of Morgan and his cousin Sullivan sitting on Great Grandpa’s knee during one of our summer trips to upstate NY. Cute as can be!

We swam in the pool today and enjoyed lunch out as a family. I’m feeling like an enormous whale woman with the belly right now. I put on a two piece today and cracked up. Some people totally rock it–hopefully my neighbors weren’t scarred for life if they happened to see over the fence 🙂

I plan to try to clean up a bit tomorrow in anticipation of family arriving on Tuesday. J did the grocery shopping today so we will have some options in the coming week.  I cannot believe it’s happening NOW.

****Oh! On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to share a super easy adaptation for Strawberry Shortcake that I came up with last week.

I made the shortcake using Bisquick heart healthy baking mix’s recipe for Bicuits–substituting half and half for the milk called for to make it very rich (and less heart healthy) and added a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  You can do either a drop biscuit style short cake or roll the dough into a circle and score into 6 triangles for a shortcake that looks more like a scone.  I sprinkled a packet of turbinado “Sugar in the Raw” on top of the dough for sweetness.

The berries consisted of a pint of strawberries slightly smooshed with a potato masher, lemon zest (about 2 tsp) and a Tablespoon of Grand Marnier. I added 2 tsp sugar but you can adjust that to taste depending on the sweetness of your berries. This was left on the counter during the baking of the shortcake and dinner to let the juices develop and the flavors to blend.

To prepare: simply slice the shortcake in half and mound with fresh berries. Add whipped cream and garnish with additional berries. Serves 4-6 depending on how generous you are.


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My Saturday–things that I want to remember

Right now I cannot find the camera….which doesn’t bode well for next week 🙂 But we’re having a wonderful day as a family and I wanted to write something GOOD to remember that even though pregnancy was stressful and crazy for me that there were great days where I was just happy to be a mom and a wife and to feel so much love in our home.

Today we worked on Morgan’s room–putting in a new book shelf and arranging furniture so that it looked lived in with the crib gone. I tackled my fear of crafting over the past week and made a collage portrait of a big frog that matches the one on his bedding. Morgan loves it! He keeps telling me “Thank you Mommy for making my frog!” We hung it low over the book shelf so that he can enjoy it. I see all of the flaws in it–he thinks it’s great! That’s family 🙂

Jeremy rearranged the paper lanterns to better our view of the little green guy and Morgan happily handed him tools and supervised in between rocking his baby doll and diapering it before putting her down for a nap. My heart swells when he makes connections like “baby has little pooh diaper–Morgan wears big boy underwear!” He tells his baby doll that she’s cute and he loves her. He wants all of his future siblings things to try out on his baby doll. Dolly has rocked in the bouncer, worn several newborn diapers, had her first binky, and wears mittens so that she doesn’t “Scratch her face”. Jeremy observed that our little guy is waaay more comfortable with these tasks than mommy. Funny but true!

We had lunch at a local chinese restaurant and Morgan insisted on taking every bite with his chopsticks. We discovered a new passion for Crab wontons and Chicken Lo Mein. It’s rare to see him get enthusiastic in a restaurant so I was happy that he dug in! When he was done, he sat in my lap with his blanket and told me how much he loves me. My heart feels like it’s swelling today for this sweet and polite little boy who is so kind. He appreciates every little thing right now and it is wonderful.  We use a lot of positive language in our home and it is shining through in the way that he speaks to us.

On the way home, he asked for a haircut–so J dropped me off at the house and the boys headed back to the barber shop. I could tell that Jeremy was quite apprehensive, he hasn’t handled this solo before. Morgan is a champ during hair cuts, so I know everything will be fine and he will be looking even MORE handsome for his Nanas when they arrive next week.  He’s learning that boys are handsome and girls are beautiful and it is so cute to hear him say “Mama, you Boo-tee-full”  He has me wrapped around his little finger!

I’m still anxious, but feeling more centered. I only have a few more of the dreaded Heparin shots to go and then we will meet our newest family member. Can’t wait!

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If possible, I think that baby has dropped even more in preparation for the big day.  I am now in full waddle!  I had my final ob appt before the induction and she confirmed that I was measuring 2 weeks less than the previous week. Weight gain seems to have stopped at 24 lbs–I had made it to 25 (my personal goal) but lost a pound and a half over the past week.

My Gestational Diabetes seems well controlled as long as I stay away from raisin bran and rice 🙂 I miss cereal like crazy and my body seems to have responded to the loss of my best source of iron by quickly making me anemic in the last few weeks.

I’ve gotten my blood drawn 3x in 2 weeks and platelets checked to see how I am adjusting to the Heparin shots. So far so good except for the ridiculous stinging and welts that accompany the shots. OuCH!!!

Morgan’s daycare teachers took one look at me this morning and proclaimed that “Today is the Day”. I might have been inclined to believe them while I was contracting in the grocery store this morning…but I am still hoping to make it to our scheduled induction day. My mother will never forgive me if she isn’t here…and I will feel much better if it doesn’t happen in the next few days because my workaholic husband has as usual tried to schedule as much as possible before he takes some time off.

My little Mo is feeling good and his attitude has been so cute! He told me this morning that he “loves babies” as he peered into a little infant carrier this morning at school. I sang to him for a long time last night and tried to tell him how very much I love him. I just hope he adjusts well when the new baby arrives. His happiness is foremost in my mind right now. Keep us in your thoughts!


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Making the Switch

My doctor switched me from Lovenox to Heparin this week in anticipation of the upcoming birth.  The Heparin has to be injected 2x per day and leaves these insane bee sting welts that hurt like crazy! However, the heparin has an antidote and carries a lower risk of excessive bleeding/hemorrhage during delivery.  Thank goodness it is only for a few weeks!

I’ve been having the occasional painful contraction over the past few days, meaning that my body is starting to get ready. The baby has dropped so low now that it feels like my pubic bone is cracking.  I am still very fortunate to have no back pain. It has to be the way that I am carrying out to the front and very low.

One of my best friends flew in today to help me with cleaning/organizing some of the odd things that need to be done. She’s even promised to tackle my closet sight unseen. Got to love her! It’s a crazy mess since I haven’t been able to bend over much to pick things up. If something falls these days it pretty much stays on the floor.

Morgan has been in heaven since my friend Michelle arrived. He gets so much attention from my girlfriends! She is a flight attendant and brought him a bag full of the little pilot’s wings and he had them stuck all over the place. He loves airplanes and we spent a lot of time outside tonight watching planes cross the mountain heading to and from the airport.  So cute!

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