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Growth Delays


As most of you know, my kids are three years apart.  If you look at the picture above, you will know that my Morgan is a peanut. At 38″ tall and 28 lbs, he easily fits into 2T-3T clothing even though he will be five this summer.

So how much of this stems from being Vietnamese and how much is attributed to delayed growth? We’ve been struggling for a few years to find the answer. 

I have pointed out his short stature at each pediatric appointment. I show them his scooped nails.  I have pulled his socks and shoes off to show the doctor’s his “wavy” toenails. I have shown them a small knot on his sternum. Most people have brushed these signs of vitamin deficiency off.

After endless blood work, and evaluations by three pediatricians and two different endocrinologists we have found that Mo is deficient in Iron and and Vitamin D. Frankly, I was shocked because we live in a sunny climate and my son eats a pretty typical diet. However, I have found research to suggest that Vitamin D deficiency is more common in SE Asian kiddos. As for the iron–we eat red meat 2-3 times per week but Mo is your average finicky toddler. He rarely eats iron fortified cereal because feed him very high calorie breakfast items like pancakes with peanut butter and syrup to attempt to help him gain weight. 

Right now, Morgan takes Vitamin D with supplemental calcium each morning with breakfast and a Flintstone with Iron chewable each night at dinner with a source of Vitamin C. Calcium enhances Vitamin D absorption and Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption. We separate the two vitamin doses because they interfere with each other! 

Morgan has grown 2 inches since we started taking the vitamins and his fingernails/toenails are finally starting to look normal. His weight still hasn’t changed, but we are optimistic.

It never hurts to be persistent when you believe something is wrong. 


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