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Making the Switch

My doctor switched me from Lovenox to Heparin this week in anticipation of the upcoming birth.  The Heparin has to be injected 2x per day and leaves these insane bee sting welts that hurt like crazy! However, the heparin has an antidote and carries a lower risk of excessive bleeding/hemorrhage during delivery.  Thank goodness it is only for a few weeks!

I’ve been having the occasional painful contraction over the past few days, meaning that my body is starting to get ready. The baby has dropped so low now that it feels like my pubic bone is cracking.  I am still very fortunate to have no back pain. It has to be the way that I am carrying out to the front and very low.

One of my best friends flew in today to help me with cleaning/organizing some of the odd things that need to be done. She’s even promised to tackle my closet sight unseen. Got to love her! It’s a crazy mess since I haven’t been able to bend over much to pick things up. If something falls these days it pretty much stays on the floor.

Morgan has been in heaven since my friend Michelle arrived. He gets so much attention from my girlfriends! She is a flight attendant and brought him a bag full of the little pilot’s wings and he had them stuck all over the place. He loves airplanes and we spent a lot of time outside tonight watching planes cross the mountain heading to and from the airport.  So cute!


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Ta Da! We now have Pink Eye

I swear….the hits just keep coming.

After getting over last week’s virus, Morgan woke up this morning with green boogies sewing one of his eyes shut.  Joy!

I feel so sorry for my little man. He’s had a horrendous couple of weeks with the fever from hell and now this.  I know that daycare can at times be a cess pit for germs…but honestly the timing sort of stinks.

Jeremy is working tomorrow and I have 2 doctors appts. I  missed my ob appt last week because Morgan was sick then as well, so I am going to have to haul him to the hospital and hope against hope that Daddy can keep him occupied while I am hooked up to the monitors because they do not allow children in the diagnostics clinic.

My ob is a bit more flexible…but it still isn’t fun to take your nearly 3 year old to your appointments!  However, at only 2 weeks left to go,  I doubt that these appointments are optional. 

I’ve been controlling my blood sugar much better than in the first week–I think 3 weeks is pretty good for a learning curve! Mornings are still rough as I am still getting sick and don’t always want protein first thing in the morning.

I will post some of my successful meals since I’ve been getting a lot of hits on Gestational Diabetes.

  • Egg Beaters scrambled with 1 slice cheddar cheese and 1 pc toast.
  • English muffin (whole grain) with egg beaters/cheese and 1/2 c fruit
  • Ezeikiel Bread (sprouted grain bread with high fiber) with peanut butter

Ask me what I am craving these days?? A big honking 5 oz bakery bagel slathered in cream cheese….. or a stack of pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup…..oh why do we always want what we cannot have  😉

Lunch and Dinner are much easier for me– some sort of lean protein with veggies and the occasional carb (1/2 to 1 cup serving).  I miss waffle fries at Chik Filet like you would not believe!  But have sort of  found my replacement in broiled zucchini spears dipped in blue cheese dressing.  YES, I know that Blue Cheese is on the no-no list but have you ever heard of a woman beating her head against a rock screaming “If only I’d avoided the blue cheese!!”

BTW–I have to say that I am proud of Jeremy for adhering to Meatless Monday even while at the hospital this week! He told me that he ate butternut squash ravioli and I might have had a tear in my eye. That’s MY MAN!

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Dragging Ass…for lack of a better term

We survived the weekend with the feverish little guy! Sunday came and he was fever free…but he was a big old bucket of WHINE for the better part of the day. I was having my own issues to contend with, too much baby not enough room in the body! So between the two of us, Jeremy was probably contemplating a volunteer assignment to Afghanistan as a means of escape.

Morgan refused dinner last night–rosemary/walnut crusted chicken tenders, mashed sweet potatoes, and asparagus. He then demanded snacks about every 5 minutes until bed time.  Some days the kid insists on living off of cheese and crackers and it makes me crazy. I put plastic wrap over his untouched dinner plate and plan to hand it over tonight. Waste not, Want not.

J and I have been avidly following Breaking Bad on AMC –its been really intense this year! And living on the border as we do–some of the plots are frighteningly realistic.

Bedtime came and belly baby decided to take up residence with feet underneath my internal organs pushing for all she was worth. I alternated between an urge to hurl and total breathlessness. Comfort is a foreign concept–as is sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, gasping like Shamu on a beach. Is it any wonder that Jeremy did not get any sleep?

5am dawned bright and early and J was getting ready for work when Morgan let out a siren screech over the monitor. He wanted milk–then wanted into our bed–then wanted into his own bed…all accompanied by this insanely annoying trumpeting whine that was COMPLETELY uncalled for at 5am.  We went back and forth with Mommy carrying Morgan and his 75 lbs of blankets and pillows while he screamed that THIS (whatever the hell this was at the moment) was NOT what he wanted. 

Okey dokey then.  I finally plopped him and his blankets and pillows back into his bed and told him to take some deep breaths (ni Hao Kai Lan style) and figure out what he wanted! Then, when he was ready to use his words like a big boy he could let me know.  I waddled out of the room, feeling just too tired, overwhelmed, and mother #@$#ing  pregnant at 5am to deal with another peep. I turned the baby monitor off and left my bedroom door open, a nice compromise I thought!

7:30 rolled around and Morgan and all of his blankies and pillows arrived at my door demanding “Mommy! Where are you??”. It was apparent that 2 hours of sleep had not improved his mood 🙂

Somehow we made it through breakfast and getting dressed. I had an early ob appt so I was rushing him a bit and he was very anxious after 5 days at home to return to school. Thank goodness he has two of the kindest teachers on the planet. Ms “M” scooped him up at first sight and gave him a tight hug and his little head rested on her shoulder as he relished being toted around the playground (to the envy of his buddies).  Morgan’s little bestie–Peyton was there to welcome him and I knew the day would be ok.

I made the half hour trip to the hospital–scored some expectant mother parking! And stopped off at the lab for some blood work.  My ob wanted me to have a parvo titer done to make sure that I had not been exposed to the virus while Morgan was sick.  Then, off to the fetal monitoring appt. Things are looking great! No stress to baby, no contractions for Mommy. In the ultrasound you could see that baby Elmo’s hair is growing and getting longer. Can’t wait to see this little monkey!!

J was able to make it for most of the appt–he looks worse for lack of sleep than I do. Here’s hoping that Morgan has a great day at school and our drama meter will be set back to zero this evening.

I’m thinking I will be the only one participating in Meatless Monday tonight. I have plans for a spinach quiche or omelet–the boys are getting leftovers!

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The Bizarre Toddler Illness

For the past 3 days, Morgan has been running a fever on and off…coughing with a runny nose…and has developed tiny bumps/blisters on the insides of his wrists and behind one knee.  He also has a few on his chin on one corner of his mouth.

What the heck? Jeremy sent photos to a derm friend who said it wasn’t Hand Foot and Mouth Disease–the one thing that we knew was circulating through daycare. The consensus of my doctor hubs and his friend was “Upper respiratory infection with ____(insert word that I don’t remember here)____exudate”  Exudate??? I forget the rest of the diagnosis but it boils down to “My kid has unidentifiable crud.”

There are no mouth ulcers or hand/foot blisters to make it Hand Foot and Mouth. There is no lacy rash to make it Fifth Disease…it ain’t chicken pox, measles, etc… hmmmm… Maybe some weird eczema reaction to the stress of illness??

The bug alternates between being friendly and happy and cranky and feverish. I’m one confused Mama! We play outside in the back yard for short periods when he is feeling well–otherwise he would dismantle the house piece by piece in agitation of being kept inside when he’s “not sick” and then he ends up crabby with a fever at times lying in a pile of blankets on the floor telling everyone to “go away”. I’m fairly sure he gets that one from me  😉

Jeremy is at a conference today, meaning that Morgan and I are on our own until tomorrow. I spoke to my ob last night about Morgan’s mystery illness and she wants me to be tested for parvo next week  just to rule out any exposure that might be harmful to baby Elmo.

On the bright side, Morgan has been drinking plenty of fluids and eating enough that I don’t have to worry about that in addition to the rest.  Nothing worse than a late night pedialyte run when you are solo and exhausted!

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Gestational Diabetes vs MTHFR–to feed or not to feed?!?

I should have the results of our second growth scan at the end of the week. I’m sort of on pins and needles waiting to see what happened to baby E last month growth wise.

Gestational Diabetes–which occurs in approx 5% of the population (the best statistic that I could find to answer Monica’s question) can lead to a Large for Gestational Age baby and subsequent risks to the mother during delivery. Unchecked high blood glucose causes rapid growth in the fetus so it is best to monitor closely and to leave the cupcakes alone 🙂

Lovenox for the MTHFR, on the other hand, can cause fetal growth restriction so the doctors are closely monitoring the growth and development of the baby to ensure that all is well.

So if one causes large babies and one can restrict growth–I am just praying for a normal sized child at this point! I feel like the baby is growing based on the ever-expanding size of my belly, but my weight gain seems to have stalled out.  I hate to use the parasite analogy, but during pregnancy the baby has 1st priority and will take what it needs from the mother regardless of what is available. This means that inadequate weight gain can cause problems for the mom’s nutritional status–especially bone calcium stores and iron depletion.

I try to stay mindful of calcium and get a serving of it at each meal. I’m drinking fortified orange juice, eating dark leafy greens,  and reaching for cheese, milk, yogurt, puddings on a regular basis. My bones are not great after years of diet coke and running and I know it’s a concern.  Iron is a bit harder as the pills make me sick and I don’t tolerate meat all that well unless it’s a cheeseburger!

The vomiting seems to have returned with a vengeance. I’ve been sick 4x this week and it’s usually after eating–where for the past 2-3 months I have only gotten sick on an empty stomach.  From what I have read, the nausea and vomiting can come back in the third trimester due to hormone changes and lack of space in the stomach.

My blood sugars are running 10-15 points above normal still after 10 days of monitoring. I’ve been told not to change my diet at this point and I am relieved. The only thing that I do try to be mindful of is eating fiber rich foods that slow the release of glucose and I try to eat some sort of protein with carbs at every meal.   This has been harder for me because starchy foods make me feel better when I’m nauseas, but I find that cheese or almonds always seem to work.

Baby has also begun to drop! My hips feel very strange and I am getting my waddle on 🙂 It is almost like being unhinged….not pleasant but necessary to make way for delivery. My breathing has gotten easier and my heart burn seems to be better. Hooray for something great!

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And then something makes it all worthwhile….

I spent 2 hours yesterday in hot dark rooms, having ultrasounds and non-stress tests. My backside went completely numb and I had heartburn…

J went with me, and we totally cracked up at Baby Elmo’s protest of the fetal monitors. Perhaps it was the ice tea at lunch…but the little peanut highly objected to being tracked on the monitor and punched, kicked, and wiggled out of range OVER AND OVER…. reminding me of our amniocentesis in December when that tiny little hand reached out and grasped at the catheter seeking to perform the tests to tell us that everything would be alright.

What can I say? The kid has SPUNK.

All of the fussing and fighting eventually led to a case of the hiccups and my monitors bounced up and down on my tummy. The nurse said that sometimes the little people feel constricted by the bands over the belly that hold the monitors. Indeed, this kiddo is a free spirit.

Our incredible nurse measured the amniotic fluid via ultrasound last–and gave us a gratuitous glimpse into Baby Elmo’s world.  Exhausted from the battle over being monitored, the little one was alternately yawning sleepily, chewing on a fist, and blinking to display teeny eyelashes. Modern medicine is incredible.  For a moment, all of my worries flew out the window and I focused on that peaceful face as my child fell asleep. Beautiful.


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Focus on the prize

Even though there are rough days, I am trying to stay positive and to focus on the end result of pregnancy–hoping for a healthy and happy baby.  We have arrived at 33 weeks!

It took a few days to cope with the blood sugar monitoring! The numbers are still wacky, going between high and normal and it doesn’t seem to have a pattern because some of my highest carbohydrate meals lead to normal blood sugars and when I try to be as careful as possible the readings are high 🙂  More Karma for the dietitian!

Staying active does help. I’ve been cleaning out the guest room and putting in baby’s things. The bedding for the queen bed arrived last week and although it’s not my favorite, I think it will look very nice when the room is put together. I chose a simple white matelaisse with scalloped edges and plan to accent with throw pillows in our nursery colors….one of which is the celery green that we used in Morgan’s room. J’s family wants to be surprised–so we’re still hush hush.

Because of my medical risks, my ob has decided to induce me at 39 weeks if all goes well. So we now have an “estimated date of arrival” for baby Elmo and we’ve been making plans for family to visit. It’s been whirlwind now that I know we only have 6 weeks left! My mom and Dad/Stepmom are arriving the day before the induction and I am so thrilled they will all be here with us! J is taking 2 weeks off of work and will be home with me to cuddle and care for our new addition. He’s so excited 🙂  In fact, he’s stopped grimacing (almost) each time that I arrive home loaded with shopping bags and is even looking at what I buy. J’s mom will come a week after baby arrives and hopefully his dad too.

Morgan has been chattering non-stop about “Nana is coming!” All three grandmothers are called Nana and I think that they sort of blend together in his mind at this age. He loves and recognizes them equally well when face to face, but gets confused when 3 Nanas call on the phone. Then he’s like–dude, I have already said hello!  He even calls my good friend Liana “LiNana” which I am sure doesn’t help!

One of my girlfriends took me to Gymboree yesterday and we had fun purchasing some receiving blankets and onesies. They have such adorable stuff! Lots of zoo themes which remind me of  bringing Morgan home. I miss seeing my tiny little guy in his pastel blues and greens and got a bit teary eyed–which is par for the course right now. I bought him a new outfit as well so he wouldn’t feel left out of the fun and he was excited to wear it to school and show his girlfriend Peyton! He cracks me up–he’s been prone to exclaiming “I love Peyton” out of the blue in the car and they usually hug as soon as they see each other. Toddler love…

Today, J is off and we have 2 hours worth of doctor’s appts scheduled. I am glad he’s coming with me for the growth scan and first non-stress test as ultrasounds still give me this panicky PTSD feeling.  I will never get over receiving a fatal diagnosis after an u/s during my first pregnancy and no matter how many times I convince myself that I am brave and things are ok I can feel my pulse race and fight the urge to lie there crying for the entire appointment.  It has gotten so much better over the months because Baby Elmo is monitored via ultrasound every 2-4 weeks and it’s all been positive…but sometimes I ding out and start hearing my doctor’s voice from San Antonio and have to mentally start singing the ABC’s and bring myself back to the here and the now.  I loved Melissa’s comment that this appt is a nice time to relax and listen to baby. It will be very reassuring to know that the hospital is watching Baby E closely and will be able to pick up any problems in the coming weeks.


What else is happening now? Morgan is virtually pee trained for the potty!!! He got a second reward for receiving his 20th sticker on the Elmo potty chart. We took him to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday afternoon for lunch and he was in heaven. Morgan is still so little that his biggest thrill was plugging token after token into a game without playing it. J was laughing hysterically at me because it was a “bee catcher” game where I was stuck playing bee keeper for like 8 games in a row.  I lack coordination and trying to catch these little bees that popped up and put them into a honey pot should have been child’s play for a grown up but I looked like a bad episode of I love lucy 🙂   J is like the video game wizard who wins all of the tokens when we play at arcades…but he was eating pizza and decided to enjoy the free entertainment. SUCKER!

We also went on our date for our 5th Anniversary, which is on Wednesday this week.  I got to wear my pink Isabella Oliver obi wrap top that I have been saving…I must say that I looked quite stylish. Still, when the camera adds 15 lbs and you’ve gained 20 it’s always a surprise to see how big you look in the picture! I had a similar moment when I passed a full length mirror at the mall yesterday. WHOA BELLY!

I sort of said blood sugars be damned at dinner and shared a delicious peach tart with homemade vanilla ice cream with J for desert. I mean…I cannot have wine…desert shouldn’t have to go away too!

J also surpised me with an incredibly beautiful pink saphire and platinum bracelet to match my mother’s ring from bringing Morgan home. He’s so romantic! I had never seen the design and had not even hinted at wanting anything so I was blown away. XOXO


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