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Senorita Psycho

The hormones have whipped into a frenzy–making me nervous, prone to cleaning, and  I haven’t slept in a few days…Thank you leg cramps that wake me up at 3am and often have me pacing the house…or might it be the awful heart burn and acid reflux that made me kneel before the porcelain gods last night and offer forth my dinner?

With so much going on inside of my body–the stuff on the outside seems overwhelming and exhausting. I am trying my best to keep up with a very busy boy this weekend and frustrated that I cannot carry him very much or sit on the floor to read stories. Belly is in the way of just about EVERYTHING. I also find that my attention span stinks and I drift off every few seconds with such earth shattering thoughts as–Did I pack socks for the hospital?? My swiss cheese memory does not provide the answer and it is back to the little blue suitcase for confirmation.

I keep feeling this wild fight or flight response in these last few days–the desire to move out of my body and into some place calm where I can lie down comfortably  or complete a sentence without  stumbling.  It’s like I’m inside a computer screen with my “to-do” list scrolling down the monitor…OVERLOAD.  Poor Jeremy–there is probably nothing more that he would enjoy than moving out for a week as well. He is completely baffled…as in “Who are you and what have the aliens done with my wife? Where is DINNER?”

Even worse…is the realization that I am aware of how odd this time is and seem powerless to stop the hormone filled mood swings and constant Kooky behavior.

I screamed at my new cell phone last night when it didn’t work properly. I endlessly polished the side door of my car after noticing water spots left over from this morning’s trip to the car wash (SOOOO not me) and I bemoan the fact that I cannot lift heavier furniture for a good vacuuming (even though the maid was here on Monday).  I can lose 30 minutes of time agonizing over whether or not the yard will die if I am not able to water it and think the dog resents me for having a baby. She just has that look!

Wow. Adoption nesting was much more pleasant. I am ready for this little one to vacate the premises and to be myself again.



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Potty training and nausea…the next “peas and carrots?”

If you saw my sad comment on FB this morning…it’s been a doozy so far.

Morgan has been waking up bright and early at 6:15 or 6:30 ever since Daylight savings time ruined my mornings. All of that bright natural light that we love in our home makes sleeping in impossible! I used to actually BE a morning person…until parenting and pregnancy turned me into a hot mess that would prefer 9am to 6am any day.

We had our 15 minutes of snuggle time and then made some pancakes (frozen) topped with maple syrup and peanut butter for the little guy and a turkey sausage muffin for diabetic mama. I noted that my decaf/sugar free general foods coffee only had 2 carbs so I brewed a cup (also in the microwave).

Know what? I am not even ashamed of my lack of domesticity at this point! I went from making blueberry pancakes with wheat germ from scratch for my son to a sad shell of a 35 weeks pg lady that can feel accomplished when the microwave goes “Bing!”

Breakfast came right back…not sure if I can blame the coffee or the Jimmy Dean Delights. I cannot face any more of the cardboard toast that I was eating last week so I keep trying to find something that I can keep down that won’t raise my blood sugar sky high.  Guess this one wasn’t it.

I had to stick myself 4 times this morning just to get enough blood for a reading. It seemed to be a combination of my own weenie self using the #2 setting on  the lancet and the lack of circulating blood in my fingers.  Finally, I switched to the # 3 setting which is typically too strong and makes me bleed like crazy.  It worked.  Did I mention that I have only been testing for 3 weeks and I already have dry scaly fingers from alcohol wipes and little bruises? My hat is OFF to anyone who does this daily for most of their lives.

Meanwhile, Morgan finishes his pancakes and side of fresh blueberries and we head to the potty. Number 1 is accomplished while checking out a new book that Daddy got him yesterday–Richard Scarry’s best word book EVER. Morgan is obsessed with the pages on AIRPLANES and TRAINS and will spend the entire reading session on the double page spreads for either of these topics.  J was so excited about the book last night (it was his favorite as a child) but he sort of behaved like a 2 year old himself when Morgan wouldn’t look at all of the other “cool topics” covered 🙂 They crack me up when they agitate each other!

After potty time was accomplished, we discussed that if NUMBER 2 were going to occur (hypothetically of course) that it should happen IN THE POTTY and not in Morgan’s pants. “Ok Mama”. I was lazily dismissed while he watched Diego and I went to change clothes for the trip to preschool.

Not two freaking minutes later (leading me to believe that there was in fact a NUMBER 2 in PROGRESS when said toddler sweared he would make it on the potty) Morgan came into the bathroom where I was changing and said “I pooped in pants, Mama”.   NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!OOOOOO!!!!!

There it was–nestled in his brand new Superman undies–basically gift wrapped for mom. I prayed for strength and thanked the powers that be that I had  not attempted my usual Hobbit style “Second Breakfast” after throwing up the first one.  Fortunately, it was extractable without compromising the Superman undies forever! J’s style has evolved to a scissor removal of the big boy underpants and disposal of the entire mess. Quick, efficient…relatively painless unless you are the woman scouting around Kohl’s for 2T boy’s toddler underwear.  Small drawers are as rare as a diamond for some reason. You just might see my son wearing Dora or 6x big boy undies because all of the small sizes are sold out!

So here I am…kiddo at school, poopy pants swirling in the hottest wash possible…enjoying “Second Breakfast”.

Happy Day to YOU!


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