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Sleepless in the Southwest….

Try not to let this sweet little face fool you–this girl knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to cry to get it!

I feel like I just came off of an overnight duty in the hospital. Leighton wanted to nurse every hour to hour and a half last night…meaning that by the time I actually fell back asleep, I could hear little squeaks and squawks demanding that I get back up before the full on yelling commenced that would wake Jeremy who has to get up at 5am for work.

The little miss has keyed in to the fact that she prefers sleeping next to me where it’s warm and cozy…rather than be in some boring bassinett by herself. Every time she would drift off into la la land, I would scoop her swaddled little form up and set her in her bed and not five minutes later (WAAAAAHHHHHH)

And so it went. 11pm, 12am, 1:30am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6 FREAKING AM…and then Morgan got into bed at 6:25 feeling chatty. Oh Dear LORD. Remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons where Tom would try valiently to stay awake after a night of partying with his friends?? He would put tooth picks in his eyelids to prop them open and they would snap shut like shutters? Or he would paint eyes on his closed lids to look alert when he was really asleep? That would be me!

I love nothing more than snuggling with my babies in the morning, but it was a rough night. I miss being able to nap during the day to catch up. This morning it was off to the grocery store while Leighton slept in her car seat. Afternoons just don’t seem to work when she goes into her nursing frenzies and it’s 102 degrees outside. We never make it anywhere because I am always dropping everything to feed her and getting into the car is like getting into a freshly preheated oven.

In addition, I am spending my days washing the pooped out jammies that she produces in between needing to nurse. I had always been told that breast fed babies poop less…HA! Leighton goes EVERY SINGLE TIME that she eats.

Still, there is something so magical about this time. It is amazing that I am basically all that she needs in the world and I cannot describe the wonder of being a mommy to a new little person. As tired as I am, I cannot help but love cuddling and feeding my little one in the quiet of the night when she grasps my fingers with her own and gazes up at me with those dark blue eyes. 

 Her long eyelashes remind me of Morgan’s when he was so tiny and new. I remember feeling like nothing else in the world existed when he and I would rock together and he would gaze back at me while taking his bottle.



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First Days

We’re slowly adjusting to the newborn lifestyle 🙂

Leighton is thriving now after a rocky first few days learning to nurse. I am a stress monster and worried so much about getting this part right that I made it harder for both of us than it had to be! The more that I read and the more people I asked at the hospital the worse things got for a while until both of us were pretty stressed and it wasn’t going well. 

Fortunately, I have a beautiful friend who is a labor and delivery nurse with tons of experience who came over yesterday and gave us a “Lactation Consult”. Basically–we threw all of the previous advice out the window and learned some new techniques for holding and positioning that allowed Leighton to do her thing and nature to take it’s course. The relief has been HUGE, both physically (no more pain!) and emotionally. She fed great last night and her wet/dirty diapers resumed a  normal pattern. I was able to calm down and enjoy the experience with such unbearable sweetness–there really aren’t any words to describe it. I only wish that I had been able to share it with Morgan!

First Bath

Leighton got her first sponge bath and spa experience with Mom and Nana while Morgan and Jeremy hit the mall for a guys dinner out and to run a few errands. She loves having her hair brushed but isn’t a fan of being wet/chilly!

Hours after being dischared from the hospital–Claire checks out her new baby! She loves all of the soft blankets and baby goodies–we have to pry her off of the boppy nursing pillow and a certain pink fleece blanket 🙂

You can just barely see Morgan’s pizza coated “Big Brother” tee shirt! He went to his last day of daycare for the spring semester on Friday. They threw an awesome end of the year PARTY with lots of cupcakes and pizza. He got tons of attention in his big brother tee shirt and will now be spending a few weeks at home with family until the summer program kicks off. We debated on keeping him out for a bit longer, but he gets to do so many fun things that I know he will miss that if Mommy is tied to a new born and he is left to entertain himself.

First hairbow! Mom and I got Leighton all dressed up and smelling sweet to wait for Daddy and Morgan to get home. Burt’s Bees baby products make her smell so GOOD.  Morgan gave her lots of kisses and loves touching her soft and silky hair.


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