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The Bizarre Toddler Illness

For the past 3 days, Morgan has been running a fever on and off…coughing with a runny nose…and has developed tiny bumps/blisters on the insides of his wrists and behind one knee.  He also has a few on his chin on one corner of his mouth.

What the heck? Jeremy sent photos to a derm friend who said it wasn’t Hand Foot and Mouth Disease–the one thing that we knew was circulating through daycare. The consensus of my doctor hubs and his friend was “Upper respiratory infection with ____(insert word that I don’t remember here)____exudate”  Exudate??? I forget the rest of the diagnosis but it boils down to “My kid has unidentifiable crud.”

There are no mouth ulcers or hand/foot blisters to make it Hand Foot and Mouth. There is no lacy rash to make it Fifth Disease…it ain’t chicken pox, measles, etc… hmmmm… Maybe some weird eczema reaction to the stress of illness??

The bug alternates between being friendly and happy and cranky and feverish. I’m one confused Mama! We play outside in the back yard for short periods when he is feeling well–otherwise he would dismantle the house piece by piece in agitation of being kept inside when he’s “not sick” and then he ends up crabby with a fever at times lying in a pile of blankets on the floor telling everyone to “go away”. I’m fairly sure he gets that one from me  😉

Jeremy is at a conference today, meaning that Morgan and I are on our own until tomorrow. I spoke to my ob last night about Morgan’s mystery illness and she wants me to be tested for parvo next week  just to rule out any exposure that might be harmful to baby Elmo.

On the bright side, Morgan has been drinking plenty of fluids and eating enough that I don’t have to worry about that in addition to the rest.  Nothing worse than a late night pedialyte run when you are solo and exhausted!


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Potty training and nausea…the next “peas and carrots?”

If you saw my sad comment on FB this morning…it’s been a doozy so far.

Morgan has been waking up bright and early at 6:15 or 6:30 ever since Daylight savings time ruined my mornings. All of that bright natural light that we love in our home makes sleeping in impossible! I used to actually BE a morning person…until parenting and pregnancy turned me into a hot mess that would prefer 9am to 6am any day.

We had our 15 minutes of snuggle time and then made some pancakes (frozen) topped with maple syrup and peanut butter for the little guy and a turkey sausage muffin for diabetic mama. I noted that my decaf/sugar free general foods coffee only had 2 carbs so I brewed a cup (also in the microwave).

Know what? I am not even ashamed of my lack of domesticity at this point! I went from making blueberry pancakes with wheat germ from scratch for my son to a sad shell of a 35 weeks pg lady that can feel accomplished when the microwave goes “Bing!”

Breakfast came right back…not sure if I can blame the coffee or the Jimmy Dean Delights. I cannot face any more of the cardboard toast that I was eating last week so I keep trying to find something that I can keep down that won’t raise my blood sugar sky high.  Guess this one wasn’t it.

I had to stick myself 4 times this morning just to get enough blood for a reading. It seemed to be a combination of my own weenie self using the #2 setting on  the lancet and the lack of circulating blood in my fingers.  Finally, I switched to the # 3 setting which is typically too strong and makes me bleed like crazy.  It worked.  Did I mention that I have only been testing for 3 weeks and I already have dry scaly fingers from alcohol wipes and little bruises? My hat is OFF to anyone who does this daily for most of their lives.

Meanwhile, Morgan finishes his pancakes and side of fresh blueberries and we head to the potty. Number 1 is accomplished while checking out a new book that Daddy got him yesterday–Richard Scarry’s best word book EVER. Morgan is obsessed with the pages on AIRPLANES and TRAINS and will spend the entire reading session on the double page spreads for either of these topics.  J was so excited about the book last night (it was his favorite as a child) but he sort of behaved like a 2 year old himself when Morgan wouldn’t look at all of the other “cool topics” covered 🙂 They crack me up when they agitate each other!

After potty time was accomplished, we discussed that if NUMBER 2 were going to occur (hypothetically of course) that it should happen IN THE POTTY and not in Morgan’s pants. “Ok Mama”. I was lazily dismissed while he watched Diego and I went to change clothes for the trip to preschool.

Not two freaking minutes later (leading me to believe that there was in fact a NUMBER 2 in PROGRESS when said toddler sweared he would make it on the potty) Morgan came into the bathroom where I was changing and said “I pooped in pants, Mama”.   NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!OOOOOO!!!!!

There it was–nestled in his brand new Superman undies–basically gift wrapped for mom. I prayed for strength and thanked the powers that be that I had  not attempted my usual Hobbit style “Second Breakfast” after throwing up the first one.  Fortunately, it was extractable without compromising the Superman undies forever! J’s style has evolved to a scissor removal of the big boy underpants and disposal of the entire mess. Quick, efficient…relatively painless unless you are the woman scouting around Kohl’s for 2T boy’s toddler underwear.  Small drawers are as rare as a diamond for some reason. You just might see my son wearing Dora or 6x big boy undies because all of the small sizes are sold out!

So here I am…kiddo at school, poopy pants swirling in the hottest wash possible…enjoying “Second Breakfast”.

Happy Day to YOU!


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My beautiful Boy

We’ve been dealing with some awful 2 yo tantrums in this house over the past few weeks…but this morning was the soothing time that I desperately needed with our little guy.

Morgan called to me over the monitor at 6:15 am–“Mommy where are you?” I have explained the little device under his bed and that mommy can hear when he needs me. It is so cute to me that he chooses to use that rather than get out of bed and roam on his own when he wakes up.  I went in to get him and his pillow and his two blankies (all very important if I want an extra half hour of sleep!) and bundled him into the bed with me.

His tiny hand reached for mine and he said “I love you, Mommy”.

We slept a bit longer with him crawling into the snoogle body pillow with me. He loves that and so do I! It’s like our own little nest. I call him my baby bird and he says “Peep Peep” and cuddles closer.

At 7am, we got up and made smoothies and peanut butter toast. Morgan thinks his smoothie is ice cream and that it is deliciously naughty have this treat for breakfast. He cracks me up the way he looks at me like we are sneaking something wonderful as we sip. I love the little fruit mustache and peanut butter grin!

We received a new book last night– “Waiting for Baby” by Rachel Fuller. It is a very simple board book for littles about to become a big brother or big sister. It drew my attention because the child in the book had a different skin tone than Mommy and Daddy and reminded me a bit of the way we look as a family. 

The words are very simple–covering different aspects of the wait such as doctor’s visits, helping Daddy make dinner while Mommy rests (HA! Jeremy loved that one!) decorating the nursery and buying clothes and toys, and staying with Nana or a friend while Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to have the baby. We’ve started to talk about Morgan staying with a family friend or with Nana and I want him to be as prepared as possible. He seemed to really enjoy the book and made some very intuitive comments.

I worry that a lot of the tantrums and insecurities of late stem from the changes happening. If anyone has advice on preparing the little guy for being a big brother I would welcome them!

As for the tantrums–I was so desperate yesterday that I googled for a solution. What I found really helped me cope. It all started over a banana (really) and escalated quickly to a nightmare.

  1. Remove child to a quiet place where they cannot harm themselves.
  2. Do not attempt to rationalize or allow your own temper to escalate. Children in the throws of a full blown tantrum are beyond reason.
  3. Do not attempt to hold a combative child or you can be hurt in the process (yep.)
  4. Allow them to calm down and then speak quietly–redirect them if possible

Morgan raged in his crib, throwing stuffed animals and blankets for a good ten minutes. Then he called for me and said he was ready to get out. I took him to the potty, gave him a drink of water and rewarded the potty trip with a sticker and an M&M. It felt so much better than being kicked/slapped while in the throes of his anger.  We were able to move on!

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Potty Progress and Preparing for Baby


Morgan has slowly made progress on the big boy potty–mostly due to his amazing preschool teachers that make it a daily priority. He wears big boy undies from 9:30am when he leaves the playground in the morning, until bath time when we switch to a diaper for the night and has been doing great with the occasional accident–usually because he is doing something fun and doesn’t make it to fully undress to sit on the potty 🙂

Tonight, my little man made his 10th pee pee in two weeks and tomorrow we are celebrating with a trip to the ice cream store.  Nothing gives Morgan more joy than a delicious ice cream cone! We made a special trip while my friend Liana was here and the incredible coos and sighs coming from our guy made me laugh out loud–they are the happiest and most wonderful sounds!

Also happening around the house–my nesting is still in full force! Jeremy was home today and did an incredible job of cleaning out the closet in our guest room. He assembled the infant seat and the moses basket portion of our new bassinet that arrived this evening. I can’t believe how tiny both of them look!

I have always been terrified of newborns and it really hit home just how small this new addition to our family would be upon arrival.  I told Jeremy it stems from holding my beautiful and baby sister, Haley, and scratching her fragile little cheek with one of my fingernails by accident when I was 14 years old.  Her paper thin skin was so delicate that the slightest touch seemed to tear her! I am quite sure that she and my little brother delayed my becoming a mom by at least a decade.  Starting out with a ten month old son was probably the best thing for me! So much sturdier than a new born and so full of life and expression!

My handsome little love! (Can’t resist the flashbacks lately. He’s just so cute!)

I am still intimidated by little babies and even make the awkward “football hold” when someone hands me a munchkin.  Should be a fun couple of weeks–I really hope my mom makes it here before we leave the hospital….considering that I got corrected on baby holding in infant CPR class several months ago and it did little to improve my confidence!

Morgan and I did practice a bit with the new gear.  We put his baby doll into the infant seat and I marveled that even the buckles/harness straps are tiny.  Even with a plastic baby I was a spazz at getting the straps on and adjusting the handle for carrying the seat.   Morgan was a love. He sang to his baby and rocked the tiny seat, demonstrating such sweetness that my eyes filled with tears. His mom might be a rookie, but he is going to be awesome at this.

I have mentioned before that Morgan is a social butterfly and loves all children and babies. He coos at the new arrivals in daycare–even squatting down to peer into the infant seats when a little one is being unloaded in the baby classroom. He says “Oooh Cute!” or “hi Baby” and it is the sweetest thing.

We have been reading “I’m a Big Brother” by Joana Cole almost every day. It’s a wonderful book to introduce the topic of a new baby! They also make a Big Sister version. I love that it’s specific about the changes that take place and the differences between a “big boy” and a “baby”.  We have shared that Daddy is a big brother to Aunt Maggie, Uncle Matthew, and Uncle Patrick–and how cool it is to have little brothers/sisters.

Morgan is definitely figuring things out. We are talking about how the baby is getting “too big” and will be moving out of my tummy before his birthday this summer. He rubs my belly and kisses it. I love it! We talk about how special he is and have been reading lots of books on unconditional love and trying to make sure he knows that he is our first love and our beautiful boy.  One of our favorites is “I Love You, Stinky Face” that my stepmom sent to us at Christmas. We’ve even added the last line to our bed time routine… I love you, my wonderful child!


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