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Meatless Monday: Black Bean Burgers with Mango Salsa (Cooking Light)


This recipe totally won us over last night! You can find the link to Cooking Light Magazine’s Black Bean Burgers with Mango Salsa here.

I made a few minor modifications to the original recipe at home–substituting egg beaters for egg whites because that is what I had available. I used 1/3 c egg beaters for 2 egg whites and ended up adding an additional scattering of panko because my original mixture was very wet when shaping the patties.

I also used frozen mango chunks because the mangos available in the produce section were hard as a rock! I just measured out the 1.25 cups and left them in a bowl on the counter for 2-3 hours to thaw and then diced into smaller pieces to duplicate the texture of the recipe. Since I usually keep frozen mango on hand I think I will stick to this modification! No peeling required 🙂

Serve with tortilla chips and salsa or veggie sticks and dip. This is awesome!

Morgan’s review? He thought the whole grain bun was “yucky” which made me laugh. I had served his in components–a toasted bun half with butter, 1/2 patty with cheese, a scoop of mango salsa, and half an avocado (his safe food). He ended up eating the cheese, avocado, and most of the bun.

Jeremy’s review: Delish! Black beans are still about the only beans he will consume so most of our Meatless Monday meals are a variation of black beans or a cheese dish. He did say that we could put this recipe into the regular rotation which is strong praise.

My review: Loved it–the cool mango salsa was perfect for spring and summer weather and the burgers had just enough kick. Both Jeremy and I felt that they were much better than a packaged black bean burger from the freezer section. The prep took about 40 minutes–so that was a slight problem, but I think it will get better as I become more comfortable with the recipe.


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Meatless Monday: Quinoa and Pineapple Cereal from Conveniently Vegan

Our meatless Mondays have been very simple the past few weeks–collard greens over rice last week and likely cheese tortellini with marinara tonight.  I’m still breaking Jeremy in gently…choosing familiar foods like black beans and rice and the tortellini when he is home. So far he hasn’t threatened to move out or drive to Burger K*ing.

I did want to share my favorite breakfast cereal recipe:

Quinoa and Pineapple Cereal from Conveniently Vegan, by Debra Wasserman

  • 1c quinoa
  • 2c water
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 20 oz can pineapple chunks drained (or I substitute the juice for the water in the recipe for a sweeter cereal)

Cook Quinoa with water and cinnamon according to package directions (about 15 min). Remove from heat and stir in pineapple. serve warm or cold–leftovers are great grab and go breakfasts!

Things have been super hectic here. I will post in more detail this week–but we are starting to potty train and Morgan’s big boy bed has arrived. Lots of changes in the little man’s world so we are backing up and slowing down to decrease stress.

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Meatless Monday: Snobby Joes (From Veganomicon)

Yes–I could seriously use a food stylist–but I am trying to take pictures of my Monday Endeavors!

Today I used a recipe from Veganomicon.  I am a die hard fan of the classic Sloppy Joe and I was not expecting t be impressed–but this recipe is delicious and easy to make. Adding maple syrup and spicy brown mustard (as opposed to the recipe calling for yellow mustard) to the simmering sauce made it sweet and sassy. I love it! The best part is that this vegan dish requires no unusual ingredients and is soy free!

I had read several comments about the recipe online and many thought that the 3 Tbs chili powder called for in the recipe was “too much” and reduced that amount. If you don’t like spice you might start with 1.5 Tbs and give it a taste. I personally thought the spice was great.

Morgan’s toddler portion was a “no go”. He’s being a bit suspicious about saucy foods lately and wanted his bread and peaches plain.  I accomodated him and added a slice of cheese for protein.

Bravo to the authors of Veganomicon for a very tasty dish! I am never disappointed when I try their stuff and their blog– The Post Punk Kitchen has a lot to offer!

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The best Guacamole!

Oh yes, slice and bake is how we roll in this house when it comes to cookies…and I rarely bake anything that doesn’t come out of a box save for my biannual attempt at muffins. …I feel that urge coming on.

But last night, we made delicious fajitas with the best guacamole and I had to share! The secret is the orange juice–an idea that I got while at one of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio, Boudro’s, where they make their guacamole fresh table side…with delicious fresh citrus, ripe avocados, and usually fire roasted tomato salsa. We skipped the salsa as J hates tomatoes!

The “Best Guacamole” serves 4-6 or a (very avocado crazy pregnant lady and a toddler)

Inspired by “Boudro’s on the River Walk, San Antonio”

  • 2 avocados
  • juice of 1 lime (about 4 Tbs and it MUST be fresh for the best taste)
  • 2Tbs minced red or sweet onion
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed
  • 2 Tbs orange juice
  • 4-6 minced pickled jalapeno slices, more if you like it spicy
  • 1/4c chopped cilantro
  • salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mash with fork. Taste for salt. If it doesn’t have a “bright” flavor it needs more. There’s nothing better!



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Meatless Monday: Black Bean Burgers

I didn’t get a picture–but we had a very simple meatless monday meal last night: Morning Star Farms Chipotle Black Bean Burgers on a toasted bun with vintage white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles.  These delicious “burger” patties are my favorite among the many veg options available because they do not pretend to taste like meat at all and are spicy and flavorful. Just make sure you follow the skillet directions rather than the microwave for best texture.

I’m still having a bit of trouble getting into the swing of meal planning….it will likely take a few weeks for the habit to form.

Monday: Black Bean burgers with tator tots, mixed greens

Tuesday: VN Chicken Soup, rice

Wednesday: Cuban Chicken with Yellow Rice–I know that I have posted the ingredients for this one before but just cannot find it. It was an old favorite when I spent 3 years in Guantanamo Bay working for the American Red Cross. Basically sauteed chicken with onions, carrots, green olives, garlic, and a bit of white wine with yellow rice (packaged). I top all of this with cilantro and it is AWESOME.

Thursday: Lowfat Meatloaf from the 1000 Lowfat Recipes Cookbook, Mashed potatoes, steamed veggies. Sometimes I will prepare this with turkey–however, there are several varieties of lean ground beef available that are better in most cases than ground turkey as I do not care for the taste of ground white meat turkey which is the only true lowfat version.

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Taco Night (Tacos with fixins, refried beans)

A bit heavy on ground beef for the week but toddler and Jeremy friendly! I am also working two days this week and the meals are fast to assemble.

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Green Smoothie Challenge

Yesterday I started the 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge from Happy Foody’s Website.

I drank a few green smoothies last year and loved the effects: clearer skin and better nutrition, but want to see what will happen if I can keep it up for an entire month! See my Green Smoothie Challenge page on the menu bar for a full rundown of my challenge.

Yesterday, I made two smoothies. The first was a random collection of stuff that I had in the crisper as I decided to make one before visiting the grocery store for supplies 🙂

Recipe One: 1 apple, 1/2 english cucumber peeled, 1 handful parsley, 1/2 c orange juice, 1/4 c blueberries–all that I had at the moment.  I blended this is 1/2 c crushed ice and 1/2 c cold water.

Results: Taste was not my favorite–but I had inadvertently put together a recipe for detox. Morgan was almost late for school …nuff said.

Recipe 2:  1/2 c pineapple (fresh), 1 banana, 1c frozen mixed berries, 2 c baby spinach, cold water and ice (about 1/2 c each.) 

Results: taste was WAAAY better, end result on my system was the same.  I am definitely convinced that my  digestive system has sped up. Good news, woke up on day 2 with 1 lb gone and feeling good.


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