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The pregnancy induced insomnia stinks….it really does. Worse than regular insomnia…I am exhausted as heck and there is just no way to get comfortable.  I toss and turn, manipulating about a dozen pillows this way and that…trying to take the pressure off of my back, my hips…you name it.

I swear that the carpal tunnel that I have developed in both wrists is probably the worst. I have to elevate my upper body frequently, and when I do it feels like the blood has completely exited my hands/arms.  So some nights I end up sitting bolt upright against the pillows with my arms down in order to sleep.

Or maybe it’s the restless leg syndrome that has me pacing the house at all hours of the night…the soap trick worked for a while but the effects seem to have waned. Either I am in dire need of potassium or the anxiety is getting to me!

My mind keeps going at a thousand miles per hour–what still needs to be done? Hospital bag is almost packed–shower shoes have been purchased…crib is still in Morgan’s room…bleh….Jeremy SWEARS he will do it this weekend.

How bad will delivery hurt? Then I remind myself that labor/delivery are just 1-2 days out of my life….every braver and bigger and stronger woman has survived it. I’m just a wuss!

Finally got out of bed and snarfed down some cheese, proscuitto, and peppers. Yum. Too bad this will add heartburn to the equation 😉



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An Update on the Soap for Restless Leg Syndrome

I’ve been trying the soap remedy for three days now and it seems to be helping. Not sure why or how when it sounds so patently ridiculous! However, I have not experienced many symptoms since starting the experiment on Thursday night.

Laura asked how it worked–you just put a bar of Ivory soap under the bottom sheet of your bed where your legs/feet would be and that is that. I did read one person’s comment that rubbing legs against the bar helped if any symptoms of restless legs remained and I had to do this the first night.

1st night: reduced need to move feet/legs, woke up with a killer calf cramp

2nd night: maybe a 5-8 minute period where I needed to move my legs and 1 calf cramp

3rd night: nothing.

There are a million theories for why RLS occurs– low iron, low folate, poor circulation…pregnancy and MTHFR make me a prime candidate but no one seems to have a definitive answer. My legs had gotten so bad over the past few weeks that I would have been willing to have them removed if the pain would stop so I was ready to try anything…no matter how ridiculous.

All I can say is try the soap and let me know what you think. I’ve been told that dial or dove simply will not work–it needs to be plain old soap if it isn’t a pure white bar like ivory.

**PS: looks like the 3 hour blood glucose challenge will be on Thursday. I am supposed to eat normally, consuming at least 150g of carbohydrates per day for 3 days prior to the test.

I have worked much harder on eating a balanced diet appropriate for gestational dm just in case–as well as getting in the iron, calcium, and vitamin C essential to a woman in her 3rd trimester.  With my ever ongoing nausea/vomiting the fruits and veggies continue to be a challenge, but it has gotten better with the anti nausea meds. I am now able to have some salads and  drink tomato/orange juice which was absolutely impossible 6 weeks ago.

I have to smile that being an RD can actually bite you in the ass….nothing is ever the way you imagine it to be. I am a healthy active woman with basically zero risk factors for high blood sugar other than being over 35. I didn’t tack a food guide pyramid to the fridge and go nuts when I found out I was expecting…nor did I break out the twinkies and celebrate eating for two 🙂   I used to tsk tsk moms that couldn’t seem to make the right choices diet wise due to illness and now I am in the same boat. Karma baby! I have learned that you do the best that you can and hope for the best.

Every pregnancy is different and what works for some doesn’t work for others.  I have been so grateful for the friends who have shared their stories of coping with gestational diabetes and for those who told me that they too flunked the one hour test and went on to be just fine. Regardless of the outcome on Thursday, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other for the next 12 weeks or until Baby Elmo makes an appearance.


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The Terrible Twos and Soap for Restless Legs?!?

Morgan dumped his milk (deliberately) in his bed tonight and  is now sleeping in his crib. He’s been a cranky and rebellious little one over the past 2 days–I wonder if he’s cutting his 3 year molars? He’s had time out for everything from throwing sand on the playground to smooshing peanut butter toast with my fabric placemats (again deliberately, always watching to see what mommy will do). One of my F#cebook friends summed it up perfectly in a status update on her own toddler the other day–How can a child that is so wonderful frustrate the heck out of you 10 seconds later?

For the past two nights, he has woken almost hourly. He calls out for J and I and most times is able to put himself back to sleep, but somehow ends up in our bed around 4-5am when we are just broken and exhausted. I am curious to see what will happen tonight since he is back in the crib with his aquarium soother that has saved us more than once from these middle of the night waking phases. I thought we were good to go with the big boy bed, but perhaps the novelty has worn off?

On to my next subject…tonight I will be sleeping with a bar of Ivory soap underneath my sheets because I hear from several girlfriend that this actually might help with my out of control restless leg syndrome.  Many women get it while pregnant, but I have had RLS for years. I’ve been on several medications to dull down the impulse to jog a marathon in bed each evening and nothing works long term that isn’t hypnotic and addicting.   It sounds flat out crazy to me, but we shall see 🙂


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