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Morgan’s Room

We’re still turning the TV off here. The kids ransacked Morgan’s room last night–every toy from the two toy boxes was on the floor. Leighton was decked out in the Mardi Gras beads that my mom sent a while back and even had a pirate sticker affixed to her back.

Morgan put on a puppet show for our enjoyment. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of those two sesame street puppets from our trip to Turks and Caicos last year. We had a blast! And had it all cleaned up by the time Daddy came home ūüôā


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Warm Fuzzies

Morgan did an excellent job at his Christmas program last weekend–he had been singing his Christmas carols to me for several weeks and it was so cute to see him and his little friends dressed up for the occasion and singing on stage. If you look closely you can see his skinnykidz belt! I have to be grateful to Laurie for helping to create this modern miracle for little ones that don’t have to ability to deal with a belt and potty training at the same time but still need to hold up their pants!

Celebrating with a lolly pop for a job well done!

We decorated our tree over the weekend, and I was struck with how much my two kiddos love each other. Leighton has just recently learned to roll back and forth and we had her on the carpet under the tree lights. Morgan laid down next to her and imitated her roll, making her laugh and flap her chubby sweet baby arms. She then proceeded to mimic her big brother and they were both collapsing in giggles.

I cry a lot these days from the sweetness…not sure if it’s hormones or as Jeremy says “You’re just crazy”. These two love each other so much! Morgan has given over his high chair, his baby toys, and his heart to his baby sister. He spoons baby food into her mouth and speaks in a special voice just for her. Morgan delights in her laughter and kisses her all of the time. She is always reaching for him–pulling his hair, holding his hand, patting him. Sometimes I even catch them holding hands in the stroller.

In the first weeks that our girl was home, I despaired as Morgan divided his property from hers and fussed about “That MINE” if I tried to hand something down from his belongings. Now, he will search his room for something that might make her smile. ¬†The other day he wanted Leighton to play with him in his “big boy room” so I put her bouncy seat on the floor next to his book shelf. Morgan proceeded to put on a 30 minute show that included story time, songs, and ended with him holding one Sesame Street puppet on each hand (Elmo and Grover) and dancing in front of her while she laughed. Leighton is her older brother’s biggest fan….as it should be.

With this peacefulness has come other benefits as well. Morgan has regained his stride in potty training and we’ve gone nearly 2 weeks without an incident. We are using a bucket of plastic dinosaurs to motivate him to poop and it is working out great! He can hold a dinosaur and play with it on the potty and then if he goes successfully he gets to keep it. If not, it goes back into the bucket until next time.

And this little bug is growing far to fast for me lately. Not only is she rolling over, she is now eating fruits, veggies, and cereal and trying out her brother’s high chair. Now if she would only consistently sleep through the night….I might be ok!

We’re loving life these days. What a gift these two little people are! ¬†Becoming a mom did not come easy or quickly for me, but this is wonderful.


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Sometimes laughing at yourself is all you can do…

I get reality checks all of the time. People with more kids, more problems…more ANYTHING that reminds me that when I feel like I am struggling to keep it all together there is always someone else conquering a much bigger challenge.

Last week, I was terrified to take my newborn out of the house and drop my son off at school while toting a carseat…such a silly thing to worry about when women do this every single day!¬† I stress over little things like how to shop for groceries while toting the same newborn or what I will do if the baby CRIES in public.

I remember having these fears with Morgan, but it was sink or swim those first weeks while we were living in the hotel in Vietnam. We had no choice but to get out there and do stuff, even if it meant taking the baby without a carseat on a taxi ride to get there! Trial by fire always seems to be the way things work…it was either that or live on room service and miss seeing the incredible city of Hanoi.

Little by little mothering becomes easier. I’ve conquered my fear of public breastfeeding (my coordination has improved and I am no longer flashing hapless bystanders!) and I am learning to juggle a toddler and a baby a bit better each day.

Morgan has been a dream–even though he’s regressed a bit on potty training and had some epic near 3 year old¬†tantrums. He loves his little sister and gives her kisses, replaces her binky¬†when it’s lost, and generally tries to help¬†in any way that he can. A few nights ago he placed his treasured “airplane blankie” over Leighton’s little bare legs and told me that baby was “cold”. I almost held¬†my breath, knowing how¬†attached he is to that blanket and I could see the little wheels turning in his head after he did it…part duty to his little sister’s¬†chilly legs and part worry about his security¬†blanket.¬† He finally resolved the issue by picking up a lesser loved blanket and telling me that “Leighton likes this one” and gently replaced it. I hugged him and told him that his airplane blanket was special and that Leighton definitely liked the other choice better ūüôā¬†

I am still woefully sleep deprived. Leighton was up every hour-2 hours last night. This bit of magic seems to occur every few days and it really throws us for a loop. I try to get up quickly and let Jeremy sleep because our routine on the weekends is that he gets up with Morgan around 7am and I get a few extra hours of sleep then.

Leighton is rarely a “sure thing” on schedules…but she does seem to consistently be asleep from 7-9:30 am. During the week it allows me to get Morgan to school and run a quick errand and on the weekend it allows me to catch some zzzz’s.

Next week I have my 6 week follow-up with the ob after delivery. I am hoping to be cleared for exercise and able to return to the pool. I feel like a wad of chewed bubble gum. All but 3 lbs of the baby weight is gone, but I had an extra 10 coming in to the pregnancy that I was determined to lose. It will take a while for my stomach to return to normal size…but overall I am not unhappy. Nursing burns a ton of calories and I have been eating lots of cookies now that gestational diabetes is not an issue!

I have one week left of the lovenox¬†injections and then will likely be on baby aspirin¬†and folate for the rest of my life. There is so little conclusive research on the MTHFR gene mutation–but I have seen two relatives hospitalized for blood clots this past year and I don’t want to take chances. I need to be proactive and be healthy for my family!


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