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Meatless Monday– Food and Wine’s Farfalle with Spring Vegetables

You can find the recipe here.

This was a surprising winner for our family’s Meatless Monday Challenge. I couldn’t face another black bean and Jeremy is a wee bit picky–but this recipe with it’s crunchy bread crumb topping won us over. 

I made a few modifications to simplify and save on time– using panko for the fresh white bread crumbs and adding 2 tbs melted smart balance for the buttery flavor. I used dried tarragon because I didn’t have fresh (just substitute 1/2 the amount called for). I also left out the peas (a bit sugary for me) and used barilla plus pasta for added protein and fiber.

The results were still incredible enough for Jeremy to eat three bowls and my blood sugar was EXCELLENT!

***Updated:  DUDE–just when I was feeling ok about pregnancy and how I look at 36 weeks….Claudia Schiffer comes along!


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Meatless Monday: Cannellini Beans and Greens on Garlic Toast


I was mulling over my plan to make weekly menus for the new year and decided to participate in Meatless Mondays.

Decreasing your meat consumption decreases cholesterol and saturated fat intake as well as decreasing the cost of your grocery bill.

Tonight, I am starting with Cooking Light Magazine’s Cannellini Beans and Greens on Garlic Toast  from the annual recipes 2000 collection.  This easy and satisfying vegetarian meal is simple to prepare and was a staple in my house until I married my bean hating carnivorous hubby 🙂  I sent J off to work today with leftover spaghetti and meat sauce and since he’s working late…Morgan and I can enjoy our white beans and greens without complaint.

** I had to make several substitutions from the original dish. My crazy grocery store only carried one dark leafy green today–Broccoli Rabe–which is very bitter. I added 1 tsp sugar to the recipe to try to compensate. I still enjoyed it but Morgan put the greens in his mouth and promptly spit them out saying “No like it”. I also used a mixture of golden grape tomatoes and red tomato and substituted red onion as I already had one sitting at home.  I chose a potato rosemary peasant bread from the bakery and it worked out well.  I did cut the bread into chunks rather than use a single slice as I have found over the years that it is easier to eat this way….although not as classy in presentation as the full slice of bread with beans and greens mounded on top!

 Here’s the toddler version 🙂

Verdict: I had two helpings (the second without toast) while Morgan enjoyed the bread, parmesan, and white beans. He picked around the bitter greens and tomatoes. Next time I will use spinach or swiss chard which are sweeter greens for the little man.

As for the weekly meal plan–this week is a bit different because of my loaded freezer. I need to use up a lot of ingredients before I can write out a unique plan. 

Here’s what I have planned for the week. A bit of something for everyone.

Monday: Cannellini Beans and Greens on Garlic Toast

Tuesday:  Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Sweet Turkey Sausage and peppers over polenta (J’s favorite)

Thursday: Cheese Ravioli with marinara (Morgan’s favorite)

Friday: My birthday! I’m not cooking 🙂

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