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A Knight and His Princess…on her exercise bike?

Meanwhile, our tiniest princess spent her play date asleep–because daddy said she would have to wait another 30 years for her prince!


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The Macbook has landed

Captain Morgan showing off his sweet pirate costume…this guy knows how to make an ordinary Sunday a lot of fun!

Our new computer is here! I am in the process of learning to use it. We got it last night and it is pretty cool so far. I think it won’t take much time to learn the differences between a Mac and PC, but talk to me after I try to transfer files 🙂

Morgan is home from school today. We are one shot behind on his immunizations because his Pediatrician ran out of one that we needed so we are supposed to catch up today. I am a bit intimidated by a full day at home with Mr High Energy and the baby, so we planned a play date for the afternoon with his sweet friend Anastasia.  They will both be in the same preschool class in the fall and I am really looking forward to her being with Morgan during the day! These two littles became friends very shortly after they both arrived home in the US and share a special bond.

Today, we are going to an indoor play area. It’s still hot as can be here in the desert, so these places should be on every corner! We are looking forward to an afternoon of pretend shopping, pretend veterinary clinic (complete with kitties/puppies that “breathe” and fit inside their own tiny carriers) and of course pretend cars/fire trucks and gas stations. Morgan cracks me up by playing filling station attendant for his buddies. That, and cruising in the little cop car while talking on his CB radio. How Smokey and the Bear is that?!?

There’s no time like the present to learn to upload pictures! Here’s Morgan at the gas station last week.

And here he is hard at work at his new art desk that was a birthday present from his Aunt Chelle. Morgan loves working at his desk in the office–just like Mom and Dad.

A bit of “Leighton Love”. Here’s my girl showing off her Baby Diva onesie just seconds before a poop explosion. That is totally my karma for commenting more than once that Morgan NEVER had diaper blow outs. Thanks, Karma!

Leighton thinks her big brother is fascinating! She never loses an opportunity to check him out up close.

I hope that we will be up and blogging on a regular basis now. I’ve got lots of Meatless Monday to catch up on…this week’s treat being cream of potato soup with some crunchy tempeh bacon. Yummy!

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