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The Terrible Twos and Soap for Restless Legs?!?

Morgan dumped his milk (deliberately) in his bed tonight and  is now sleeping in his crib. He’s been a cranky and rebellious little one over the past 2 days–I wonder if he’s cutting his 3 year molars? He’s had time out for everything from throwing sand on the playground to smooshing peanut butter toast with my fabric placemats (again deliberately, always watching to see what mommy will do). One of my F#cebook friends summed it up perfectly in a status update on her own toddler the other day–How can a child that is so wonderful frustrate the heck out of you 10 seconds later?

For the past two nights, he has woken almost hourly. He calls out for J and I and most times is able to put himself back to sleep, but somehow ends up in our bed around 4-5am when we are just broken and exhausted. I am curious to see what will happen tonight since he is back in the crib with his aquarium soother that has saved us more than once from these middle of the night waking phases. I thought we were good to go with the big boy bed, but perhaps the novelty has worn off?

On to my next subject…tonight I will be sleeping with a bar of Ivory soap underneath my sheets because I hear from several girlfriend that this actually might help with my out of control restless leg syndrome.  Many women get it while pregnant, but I have had RLS for years. I’ve been on several medications to dull down the impulse to jog a marathon in bed each evening and nothing works long term that isn’t hypnotic and addicting.   It sounds flat out crazy to me, but we shall see 🙂



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