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Growth Delays


As most of you know, my kids are three years apart.  If you look at the picture above, you will know that my Morgan is a peanut. At 38″ tall and 28 lbs, he easily fits into 2T-3T clothing even though he will be five this summer.

So how much of this stems from being Vietnamese and how much is attributed to delayed growth? We’ve been struggling for a few years to find the answer. 

I have pointed out his short stature at each pediatric appointment. I show them his scooped nails.  I have pulled his socks and shoes off to show the doctor’s his “wavy” toenails. I have shown them a small knot on his sternum. Most people have brushed these signs of vitamin deficiency off.

After endless blood work, and evaluations by three pediatricians and two different endocrinologists we have found that Mo is deficient in Iron and and Vitamin D. Frankly, I was shocked because we live in a sunny climate and my son eats a pretty typical diet. However, I have found research to suggest that Vitamin D deficiency is more common in SE Asian kiddos. As for the iron–we eat red meat 2-3 times per week but Mo is your average finicky toddler. He rarely eats iron fortified cereal because feed him very high calorie breakfast items like pancakes with peanut butter and syrup to attempt to help him gain weight. 

Right now, Morgan takes Vitamin D with supplemental calcium each morning with breakfast and a Flintstone with Iron chewable each night at dinner with a source of Vitamin C. Calcium enhances Vitamin D absorption and Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption. We separate the two vitamin doses because they interfere with each other! 

Morgan has grown 2 inches since we started taking the vitamins and his fingernails/toenails are finally starting to look normal. His weight still hasn’t changed, but we are optimistic.

It never hurts to be persistent when you believe something is wrong. 


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We’re going to miss Nana!

J’s mom is leaving this weekend and that means that I am actually going to have to do things on my own starting next week.  I cannot believe that nearly 3 weeks has gone by already! We’ve been so spoiled with our moms helping out that it’s going to be rough going for a few days as we adjust.

Each afternoon, Nana Ellen takes Morgan out for a swim and Leighton and I get a nap. Since I cannot get into the pool for another 3 weeks, I guess that Jeremy will have to pick up the slack on swim time. Morgan has progressed so much during Ellen and his Aunt Maggie’s visit! He is almost dog paddling and has put his entire head under water without inhaling any! I have my rocking chair positioned in our room so that I can look out over the pool and I love watching my little guy splash and play as I nurse Leighton.

Our mothers have been great–laundry has been done, beds have been made, meals cooked, and kiddos have been loved on. I really don’t know how we would have survived without them!

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Focus on the prize

Even though there are rough days, I am trying to stay positive and to focus on the end result of pregnancy–hoping for a healthy and happy baby.  We have arrived at 33 weeks!

It took a few days to cope with the blood sugar monitoring! The numbers are still wacky, going between high and normal and it doesn’t seem to have a pattern because some of my highest carbohydrate meals lead to normal blood sugars and when I try to be as careful as possible the readings are high 🙂  More Karma for the dietitian!

Staying active does help. I’ve been cleaning out the guest room and putting in baby’s things. The bedding for the queen bed arrived last week and although it’s not my favorite, I think it will look very nice when the room is put together. I chose a simple white matelaisse with scalloped edges and plan to accent with throw pillows in our nursery colors….one of which is the celery green that we used in Morgan’s room. J’s family wants to be surprised–so we’re still hush hush.

Because of my medical risks, my ob has decided to induce me at 39 weeks if all goes well. So we now have an “estimated date of arrival” for baby Elmo and we’ve been making plans for family to visit. It’s been whirlwind now that I know we only have 6 weeks left! My mom and Dad/Stepmom are arriving the day before the induction and I am so thrilled they will all be here with us! J is taking 2 weeks off of work and will be home with me to cuddle and care for our new addition. He’s so excited 🙂  In fact, he’s stopped grimacing (almost) each time that I arrive home loaded with shopping bags and is even looking at what I buy. J’s mom will come a week after baby arrives and hopefully his dad too.

Morgan has been chattering non-stop about “Nana is coming!” All three grandmothers are called Nana and I think that they sort of blend together in his mind at this age. He loves and recognizes them equally well when face to face, but gets confused when 3 Nanas call on the phone. Then he’s like–dude, I have already said hello!  He even calls my good friend Liana “LiNana” which I am sure doesn’t help!

One of my girlfriends took me to Gymboree yesterday and we had fun purchasing some receiving blankets and onesies. They have such adorable stuff! Lots of zoo themes which remind me of  bringing Morgan home. I miss seeing my tiny little guy in his pastel blues and greens and got a bit teary eyed–which is par for the course right now. I bought him a new outfit as well so he wouldn’t feel left out of the fun and he was excited to wear it to school and show his girlfriend Peyton! He cracks me up–he’s been prone to exclaiming “I love Peyton” out of the blue in the car and they usually hug as soon as they see each other. Toddler love…

Today, J is off and we have 2 hours worth of doctor’s appts scheduled. I am glad he’s coming with me for the growth scan and first non-stress test as ultrasounds still give me this panicky PTSD feeling.  I will never get over receiving a fatal diagnosis after an u/s during my first pregnancy and no matter how many times I convince myself that I am brave and things are ok I can feel my pulse race and fight the urge to lie there crying for the entire appointment.  It has gotten so much better over the months because Baby Elmo is monitored via ultrasound every 2-4 weeks and it’s all been positive…but sometimes I ding out and start hearing my doctor’s voice from San Antonio and have to mentally start singing the ABC’s and bring myself back to the here and the now.  I loved Melissa’s comment that this appt is a nice time to relax and listen to baby. It will be very reassuring to know that the hospital is watching Baby E closely and will be able to pick up any problems in the coming weeks.


What else is happening now? Morgan is virtually pee trained for the potty!!! He got a second reward for receiving his 20th sticker on the Elmo potty chart. We took him to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday afternoon for lunch and he was in heaven. Morgan is still so little that his biggest thrill was plugging token after token into a game without playing it. J was laughing hysterically at me because it was a “bee catcher” game where I was stuck playing bee keeper for like 8 games in a row.  I lack coordination and trying to catch these little bees that popped up and put them into a honey pot should have been child’s play for a grown up but I looked like a bad episode of I love lucy 🙂   J is like the video game wizard who wins all of the tokens when we play at arcades…but he was eating pizza and decided to enjoy the free entertainment. SUCKER!

We also went on our date for our 5th Anniversary, which is on Wednesday this week.  I got to wear my pink Isabella Oliver obi wrap top that I have been saving…I must say that I looked quite stylish. Still, when the camera adds 15 lbs and you’ve gained 20 it’s always a surprise to see how big you look in the picture! I had a similar moment when I passed a full length mirror at the mall yesterday. WHOA BELLY!

I sort of said blood sugars be damned at dinner and shared a delicious peach tart with homemade vanilla ice cream with J for desert. I mean…I cannot have wine…desert shouldn’t have to go away too!

J also surpised me with an incredibly beautiful pink saphire and platinum bracelet to match my mother’s ring from bringing Morgan home. He’s so romantic! I had never seen the design and had not even hinted at wanting anything so I was blown away. XOXO


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